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 Actor: Matsuda Kenji:  Actors: Nimoy Leonard:  Concepts and Ideas: Loneliness:  Dragons:  Fanworks: Fanfiction: James T. Kirk and Spock - slash:  Felines: Black Cats:  Felines: Ocelots:  Food: Cherries (sour):  Food: Liquorice:  Food: Sundried Tomatoes:  Plants: Cinnamon:  Plants: Liquorice:  Relationships RL: Pine Chris and Quinto Zachary:  Snakes:  Snakes: Elaphe Guttata (Corn Snake):  Songs: Happiness (Arashi):  Songs: Sakura Sake (Arashi):  Takeda Kohei:  Webcomics: Homestuck:  Websites: Nocturne Alley:

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